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Union Nylobond Nylon Bonding Agent
Union Nylobond-all sizes shown

Union Nylobond Nylon Bonding Agent

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For making plastisols adhere to most waterproofed nylon. Works with most any plastisol if it does not contain water.

Stays on the screen for 12 hours
Eliminates the need to stock special nylon inks.


Nylobond is an additive which, when mixed with Union Ink Plastisol Colors, will provide adhesion to most water-proofed Nylon jackets and other garments. Extensive tests have shown that Nylobond is effective with all Union Ink Plastisols. However, the PLUS and PATH series inks give the best results with very good opacity. Tests have also shown that Nylobond works satisfactorily with most plastisols on the market.

Add 10-15% Nylobond to the plastisol by weight. To obtain a 10% addition, the following is recommended:
To 1 qt. white add 6 oz. Nylobond
To 1 qt. color add 4 oz. Nylobond

For more effective bonding on more highly water-proofed garments use 15%:
To 1 qt. white add 9 oz. Nylobond
To 1 qt. color add 6 oz. Nylobond

Mix in standard opacity plastisols at a rate of 1 part of Nylobond to 5 parts plastisol (by volume). In high opacity plastisols mix at a rate of 1 part Nylobond to 4 parts plastisol.

When mixing less than 1 qt. use the half-ounce graduation marks on the side of the 4-oz dispenser bottle for accurate measurements. The Nylobond/Plastisol mixture may be printed directly on water-proofed nylon. Less than 10% Nylobond may prevent proper adhesion or diminish abrasion resistance. More than 15% Nylobond may diminish opacity and shorten shelf life.

When Nylobond is first mixed with plastisol, it may lower the viscosity of the ink considerably. If the ink is too thin to print successfully, allow the mixture to sit for a few hours to slowly thicken or add PLUS-9114 Thickener at 1-5% by weight until desired printing viscosity is reached. Although Nylobond will work with any plastisol the PLUS and PATH Series inks are highly recommended. PLUS-1000 and PATH-1000 White both give excellent opacity on dark jackets because the tightly woven satin nylon fabric prevents the ink from penetrating.

Nylobond does not work as well with high opacity inks and should not be used with Low-Bleed Inks.

10 percent mixture: Up to 16 hours.
15 percent mixture: Up to 8 hours.

A Nylobond/Plastisol mixture must be cured just like regular plastisol. Curing temperatures should not exceed 285-300F (140 to 149C). Overcuring is not recommended as this may affect adhesion.

Lower temperatures may be satisfactory as the Nylobond/Plastisol mixture will cross-link (but very slowly) at room temperature when catalyzed sufficiently.

If cured correctly, prints should be sufficiently dry for handling and light stacking when they exit the dryer. DO NOT TEST FOR ADHESION UNTIL 72 HOURS AFTER PRINTING. If prints do not resist scratching or digging with a fingernail, this may be an indication that insufficient Nylobond was added. The more Nylobond that is added to the ink, the faster prints will cure, but the mixture will also set up faster in the can and on the screen.

The Nylobond/Plastisol mixture should be removed from screens and squeegees as soon as possible after printing. Use Mineral Spirits or biodegradable WASH-9900 for best results.

Nylobond is sometimes used in lower concentrations to insure better adhesion on water-proofed nylon and may help to fully cure the ink on fabrics that will not withstand the normal cure temperatures needed for regular plastisol. 

5 Stars
We've used it for years. Great product.
Reviewed by:  from Chesterfield VA. on 11/2/2016
5 Stars
This is a must have ! If you're printing nylon bags or jackets - it also lowers the cure temperature of your plastisol , this is helpful if your printing anything that doesn't like the heat in your dryer . Lower the dryer temp and avoid scorching those pesky polyethylenes or polyester sports wear . Nylo-bond has about a 6 month shelf life before it gets too thick so don't buy too much at once !
Reviewed by:  from Richmond , VA. on 12/2/2014

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