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Union Standard Silver Glitter
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Union Standard Silver Glitter

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General Information: EF Glitter Plastisols will provide a glittering textured metallic-like finish when printed directly on textiles or used in transfers. Glitter Inks are extremely flexible. They are available in two formulations. Regular Glitter Plastisols (PAGE-J) are recommended for direct printing and Super Glitter Plastisols (PAGE-S) are recommended for heat transfer printing. 

Opacity: EF Glitter Plastisol ink is highly opaque. 

Mesh: For direct printing use 24-40 (10-15 metric) monofilament. For transfer printing use 25-33 (10-12 metric) monofilament. 

Stencils: Use any direct emulsion or capillary film. 

Additives: Glitter Plastisol inks are supplied ready-to-print. Reducer/Detackifier (PLRE-9000) may be added if a thinner consistency is required.

Printing Instructions: As recommended, mesh counts higher than 40 (15 metric) should not be used as this will limit the inks ability to flow onto the garment and will result in a very spotty, irregular finish. 

Curing Instructions: These inks will cure at 300° F (149° C). Because of the reflective nature of this ink, it requires a longer curing time and more heat to reach the required temperature than a standard plastisol.

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