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Union Ultrasoft Plastisol Starter Kit
Union Ultrasoft 5-Qt Starter Kit

Union Ultrasoft Plastisol Starter Kit

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Part Number:UNKIT1-PLUE-QK
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1 Qt - PLUE-2021 Chrome Yellow
1 Qt - PLUE-3006 Brite Red
1 Qt - PLUE-5020 Mono Blue
1 Qt - PLUE-6006 Brite Green
1 Qt - PLUE-8000 Black

General Information: The Ultrasoft Series is a very versatile plastisol ink, formulated for direct printing and heat transfer manufacturing. The inks provide good coverage on light and medium-colored garments. When printing on dark fabrics, a fabric-appropriate white underbase is recommended. Ultrasoft’s new formulation helps eliminate press stoppages due to build-up on the backs of screens. As its name indicates, this product provides an extremely soft hand and if required can be modified to be even softer by adding compatible softhand extender bases and modifiers. 

Opacity: Ultrasoft is a medium opacity ink. 

MeshFor direct printing, monofilament polyester mesh from 86 to 305 threads per inch (34-120 metric). Mesh over 180 (71 metric) will produce very soft-hand prints but will reduce opacity. For best results with neon colors, do not use mesh over 160 (62 metric). For hot-split transfers use 83-110 mesh (34-43 metric). For overprint colors use 140-230 mesh (55-91 metric). 

Stencils: Use any direct emulsion or capillary film compatible with plastisol inks.

Additives: If reducing the inks viscosity is necessary, add 3-5% Viscosity Reducer (PLRE-9000) by weight. Do not use any additives when using Ultrasoft for plastisol transfer production. 

Curing Direct Prints: Ultrasoft inks will fully cure when the entire thickness of the ink deposit reaches 300° F (149° C). Metallic inks are not recommended for transfer application.

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