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Union Unifoil Foil Transfer Adhesive
Union Unifoil Foil Transfer Adhesive

Union Unifoil Foil Transfer Adhesive

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FOIL-E9211 Foil Adhesive is a premium adhesive with increased viscosity and adhesive properties that helps the adhesive to lay on top of the fabric providing a greater surface area as well as providing better adhesion of the foil sheet to the print. 

The FOIL-9200P is a more economical product with a slightly thinner viscosity best suited for tightly woven fabrics. The FOIL-E9211 is a Non-Phthalate formulation which complies with regulations regarding printing onto children’s wear. This product is also formulated with a smoother consistency which allows it to be printed through slightly finer meshes with less clogging in the mesh.

Ink Requirements: Although Unifoil will adhere to many plastisol inks, as well as some urethane and water-based inks, optimum results are obtained when Foil Adhesive (FOIL-9200P or FOIL-E9211) are used as the adhesive used to adhere the foil.

Mesh: For either the direct printing or transfer method of applying FOIL-9200P or FOIL-E9211 Foil Adhesive use 83-110 (33-44 metric) monofilament polyester mesh stretched to the manufacturer’s tensioning recommendations.

Transfer Method: Print the design on the non-color side of the foil sheet and semi-cure or gel the transfer print at approximately 240°F (115°C). This method usually requires a heavier gauge foil, contact the manufacturer for availability.

5 Stars
QC Tech/Tech Advisor to Textile Foils
I've been using this product for years now. I qualify and disqualify all our textile foils here at my job and i always use this product in determining my products qualifications and or specs before being sent to our consumers. To me it's the best foil adhesive on the market still today and would recommend it to everyone who is in the T-shirt industry.
Reviewed by:  from Paterson. on 8/14/2018
5 Stars
Great Foil Adhesive
Wonderful product and inexpensive as well. Highly recommended to anyone doing foil transfers.
Reviewed by:  from Newport News, VA. on 9/9/2013

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