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Updated Website Features and Changes

Posted by Doug Smith - Texsource Indiana on 6/16/2016
In an ongoing effort to always make your online shopping as easy as possible, Texsource has some new changes and upgrades to our site make it easier than ever to find the screen printing equipment and supplies you need.

Likely the most noticeable change is in our Screen Printing Ink section.  We spent quite a bit of time going through this section and found numerous ways that we could improve.  First, whenever you do a simple search on our site for something like 'Green Ink', you will now get more accurate results.  But in the past where you would simply see a screen filled with green color swatches that you had to click through to find out more important information (such as the manufacturer or ink series), we now have that information right on the color swatch itself, for all inks and all manufacturers.  The new color swatches look like this - 

As you can see from the 2 color swatches in this image, it is now easy at a glace to see the exact color (taken directly from the manufacturer source), the ink manufacturer, and the exact ink type or series.  Having such information available at a quick glance can not only help you find the ink you need faster, but can also eliminate errors in ordering.  

In addition to re-thinking our ink swatches, we also looked at our overall ink product pages.  We have updated the newly formatted SDS sheets (where available - as of this writing sheets for all products are not yet available), new product and series descriptions, and printing and curing instructions.  The idea is to provide you with as much important information about the products as possible, but still make a product page easy and quick to read so that you can get back to other important tasks.  

The changes don't just pertain to the Ink section.  If you haven't visited our site in a while you will likely notice an increase in new larger photos of products, with multiple product photos when available.  You can now ask a question about any product right on that product page, and get an answer directly from our expert sales staff.  New updated product descriptions for our screen printing equipment have been (and are being) written, product demo videos are being produced and added as we get them, our website 'Search' function has been improved to give you more accurate results, and more relevant related products are now shown for each product.  

Texsource works hard to be the best online experience possible, and we are always looking for ways to improve.  It is all in an effort to make your shopping easier and more accurate so that your shop and your business can run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.  If you ever see a way that we can improve, let us know!

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