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What Screen Printing Press is Right For Me?

Posted by Josh Gilbert - Outside Sales on 2/11/2016

This is a question that we as sales reps get a lot here at Texsource.  It isn't necessarily an easy question to answer, but there are some factors that can help narrow your search down.

One of the first factors that we hear a customer mention obviously is price - what is the absolute best screen printing press that they can buy for $x (whatever their budget may be).  This is a fair question, as indeed a customers budget may in fact be a limiting factor when considering some presses, but as presses vary greatly in their feature set, the 'best' press for the price may in fact not be the right press for that particular customer.  

Consider computer sales, or automobile sales.  A potential buyer doesn't typically arrive at a car dealership and approach the salesperson with the question "How much does a car cost".  Likewise, you wouldn't go into your local tech shop and simply ask how much a computer costs.  Well, what kind of a car do you need - a speedy sports car, a truck, a utility van?  Likewise, what is your computer going to be used for - heavy graphics work, video editing, home cinema, or just browsing and sending email.  

Do you need every feature that a certain press has to offer?

Look at the purchase of a new screen printing press in very much the same way - decide what features you need, what features you might be paying a premium for and may not necessarily need, the size and footprint of the press, availability of part, warranty information, etc.  You may find that the press you had your eye on isn't necessarily the best fit for your shop after all.  

Fortunately Texsource has done a great deal of the vetting of manufacturers for you.  We are currently authorized dealers for Workhorse, Vastex, Genesis, Brown, and BBC presses. All of these companies deliver a variety of quality products and are the most reputable brands in the screen printing industry.  As always, we go to great lengths to be able to offer knowledge and service of the products as well, and all of our staff undergo training on all types of equipment, techniques, and supplies.

I have seen quite a few customer suffer from 'buyer's remorse' soon after receiving their shiny new screen printing press, only to find out that certain features are either lacking or there are extra costs involved to fully take advantage of all a certain press can do.  The good news is that the Texsource sales staff is your best friend in this regard - our sales reps all have vast experience in the industry and it is our job (including mine) to have the answers for you when you need them.  Before pulling the trigger on a new press that you might have found with a different seller, place a quick call to Texsource and let our experience work for you - we know where others have failed and our advice is always free and no obligation.  We want you to get the screen printing press that will serve your needs the best!  Call today at 888-344-4657 or use our online chat support found on our website.  

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