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Which Startup Package is Right For Me?

Posted by Dwayne Collins - Outside Sales on 12/11/2014

Texsource Screen Printing Supply has some wonderful and affordable turnkey Screen Printing Equipment Packages from a variety of manufacturers.  What do you look for  and which one is right for you?

There are many things to consider when looking for a startup package - so much so that it is often impossible for anyone to say which one is the 'right' one - some may have items that are not needed, others may not fit your shop footprint; all of these things should be considered.  

One of the biggest mistakes I see customers make when they are looking for a package or asking me questions is that they fail to properly consider their growth potential.   When, for example, they choose a 1 color / 1 station press, that press can quickly get relegated to the corner shelf, collecting dust, as they have moved on to a more flexible press.  They may have saved money in up-front costs, but they have lost money in the long term, as a portion of their initial investment has lost its value to them.  

Should your budget be the final deciding factor?  Well, ultimately if you have a limiting budget, then this answer is yes.  But even with that consideration, you should still consider your growth.  Take this package for example.  It can easily fit into almost any startup budget for what you are getting.  You will save money by getting a 1 color / 1 station press, which you will likely outgrow first, but you will be getting an upgraded exposure unit, which likely can last and be useful even when you do upgrade to a larger and more versatile press.  

There is also the consideration of your shop size.  Are you relegated to a small basement room, or do you have an entire workshop in which to spread your equipment around?  These are important considerations as buying more equipment than your space allows will significantly impact your ability to work efficiently.  

I tell customers to buy the best products and best package that their budget allows.  This isn't profiteering, this is doing a service to the customer.  In the screen printing business, your equipment is your livelihood; you want dependability and efficiency.  I take great pride in seeing our customers succeed and grow, and I have seen more than my share outgrow their initial purchase and that equipment now sits, generating no revenue for them.  Consider your startup package purchase carefully, and analyze your growth potential.  All of us at Texsource are here to help you with any equipment or supply item questions!



Date: 12/16/2014
You're right Dwayne. A bigger/faster exposure unit was one of the best investments we made in the beginning.

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