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Workhorse Equipment Adds New Automatic Press

Posted by Doug Smith - Outside Sales on 2/8/2016

Workhorse Equipment has introduced the new Cutlass Automated Screen Printing Press that will replace the Javelin in their lineup of automatic presses.  Learn why you should consider an upgrade to automated printing.

The new Workhorse Cutlass represents the middle ground in the Workhorse lineup of automatic screen printing presses.  It occupies the space between the Freedom Express press, which is the entry point of the Workhorse line, and the Saber which is the most feature-rich automatic press that they currently offer.  Workhorse is one of the most trusted manufacturers of screen printing equipment in our industry, and it is worth paying attention any time that they release a new product.  

The Cutlass seems to strike the right balance between affordability and performance.  It is and electric / pneumatic hybrid.  You get the same fast indexing as the higher end Sabre press and the ease of use and reliable pneumatic print heads of the Freedom series.  The tablet controlled system used the Workhorse exclusive OS and is user friendly and feature rich.   Here are some specs on the Cutlass line - 

  • 6, 8 Max Color Options.
  • 20″ x 20″ Print Area.
  • Air Print Heads & Electric Indexing.
  • 6 Color – Electric: 220v, 5amps | Air: 110psi, 22cfm
    8 Color – Electric: 220v, 6amps | Air: 110psi, 24cfm

  • Overall Diameter:
    6 Color – 12’6″
    8 Color – 14′

If you don't already have an automatic press in your shop, how do you know if it is a good fit?  As with any piece of screen printing equipment, there are many factors to consider.  Cost is always an issue to any shop, as the investment must be carefully weight along with labor costs, anticipated production levels, efficiency increases, maintenance costs, etc.  Is yours a shop that specializes in fast turnover of 2 dozen shirts? If so, then an investment in an automatic press may not be a purchase that yields the best return.  But if you are routinely getting (or just starting to get) orders for hundreds or more pieces per order, then an automatic press can likely pay for itself with increased efficiency, throughput, and labor costs.  

Your screen printing equipment , and particularly your screen printing press, is the heart of your shop.  Keeping the maximum efficiency in your production line can often make the different between profit and loss for your company.  Workhorse has designed these presses with that factor in mind - a press needs to be durable, reliable, and cost effective.  When you get to the point that you are considering a first automatic press for your shop, or are perhaps looking to replace an aging machine with one that is more feature rich, trust Texsource Screen Printing Supply as your authorized Workhorse dealer to bring you the best prices and service available anywherre. 

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