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Workhorse Lumitron LED Exposure Unit - 20" x 24"
Workhorse Lumitron LED Exposure Unit

Workhorse Lumitron LED Exposure Unit - 20" x 24"

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This tabletop unit delivers fast, uniform and high resolution exposures using long lasting LED light strips. In addition to the fast exposure times and fine line detail, this unit will reduce your set up times, energy costs and overall cost of ownership. Unlike expensive metal-halide bulbs that require regular replacements, run at high temperatures and require startup and cool down time, the LED strips operate at much lower temperatures, can last over 50,000 hours and start and stop immediately with the touch of a button. Workhorse has also taken the lead by offering their line of exposure units at the most affordable price on the market. 

- Heavy duty industrial strength steel cabinet
- Clear and tempered glass top
- Powerful, Oil Free Vacuum Pump
- Flexible Neoprene Blanket to ensure film to screen contact
- Gas Shock operated blanket frame for easy opening
- Compact design to save shop space

- Strips of Multiple Spectrum High output LEDs
- Allows unit to work well with a variety of emulsions
- 50,000 + hour bulb life
- Reduced exposure times w/ High resolution and uniformity

- Holds a variety of screen sizes up to 20" x 24"
- Manage LED lights without vacuum if needed
- Independent vacuum and exposure time controls
- Capable of mounting on drying cabinet to save shop space

- Illuminated vacuum switch
- Powerful, works in seconds
- Flexible neoprene blanket ensures screen to film contact

- .01 seconds to 99 hour time range with count up or down mode
- MCU for digital control for high accuracy
- Reset button to start timer after powering up

- One year warranty on labor
- Two-year limited warranty on parts
- Readily available customer service line

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