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Workhorse Sabre Series Press is Impressive

Posted by Jason Cabaniss - Outside Sales on 6/23/2014

The newest series of automatic presses from Workhorse is the Sabre Series, and it is a truly impressive machine.

Workhorse seems to have given significant thought to every aspect of the design and function of the new series and it shows.  Our demo unit here at Texsource has proven to be extremely easy to learn for those who would be considering moving up from a manual press, which is important.  Here are some words on it from Workhorse themselves - 

Workhorse is excited to introduce the latest from our stable of automatic presses. The new Sabre Series line has set the standard for high production and high quality at an affordable price. Workhorse combines their 30 year history of quality products, services and resources with some of the latest in screen printing technologies. These technologies include a revolutionary patent pending indexing system and a never before seen touch screen control panel offering unmatched functionality. The Sabre is available in 6, 8 and 10 color configurations. All models feature our patented flashback capabilities, a pivoting control panel with touch-screen display, micro-registration, independent floodbar and squeegee pressure adjustments, quick release pallets with a standard 20X20” (51CM X 51CM) image area.

Some of the features that are not in that write-up are 
 - Foot Pedal Control
 - Index System
 - Adjustable Screen Clamps & Holders
 - Flashback System
 - Operator Control Center
 - Enhanced Micro Registration
 - Improved Squeegee / Floodbar
 - Two Year Warranty

Practically every part of the operation of the Sabre can be controlled from the integrated touchscreen pad, which can also save all job settings into cloud storage.  Need to run a print that you did 4 years ago?  Pull it up, enter it, and hit go.  Have a look at a video that explains it better than I can.

The best news is that Workhorse has made this the most affordable automatic to date, and with Texsource financing it is easy to see this sitting in your shop soon.  Call Texsource to schedule a personal demo of the Sabre Series today!  

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