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Yes, Screen Printers Should Have A Social Media Presence, Too

Posted by Caleb Morgan on 10/24/2018
        The importance of a strong social media presence for a business in todays world cannot be stressed enough. You’ve spent all this time and money building your business, getting new customers, streamlining your processes etc. Now it’s time to build and grow your social media presence. It only makes sense, maybe you’ve invested thousands of dollars into a new automatic press, why not show it off on your Facebook feed? There are so many ways to build and grow your audience on social media in 2018, but let’s stick to the basics for now.

Let’s talk about Facebook. Love it or hate it, the social media platform currently has over 2.2 billion active users. It’s safe to say that a certain percentage of users are interested in screen printing or are looking to have shirts made. Conservatively, let’s say only 1% of those 2.2 billion users who are active monthly, are interested in screen printing. That means 20 million active users could be looking for your business each month. That’s a decent sized audience. You’d be hard pressed to find a simpler or more cost-effective way to increase your following & brand authority than on social media. The beauty of these platforms is, if done correctly, you can become an authority on whatever niche you’re in simply by being consistent and providing lots of value to your customers. It may seem like a daunting and even mundane task to do, but by putting in the time and effort to set up your business Facebook page (designing cover photo and profile picture, adding business information, writing a brief overview of your company & values, etc.) you’re setting yourself up for success in the long run. Face the facts, social media isn’t going anywhere any time soon, and the longer you’ve been in the game and the more consistent you are with your content the more authoritative you become. This isn’t rocket science either, the definition of value is, the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. It’s that simple, by creating value for your customers you create value for yourself.

You might ask, “how do I do this?” After you’ve dotted all your I’s and crossed all your T’s you’re going to need a strategy. With Texsource, for example, on Mondays I schedule our Facebook posts for the entire week. This makes life much simpler and allows me not only to never forget to post something but allows me to focus on other tasks throughout the week, as no day is the same around here. Lately, we’ve been posting just once a day at 12 noon. However, sometimes we may have lots of content & news to share and will do 2 posts a day. Keep in mind, too many posts can appear spammy to some people and you may end up losing a few followers, so be careful. By using Facebooks analytics and insights tools, we know exactly when our audience is most active and can then post accordingly to get the best value for us out of each of them. This happens to be 12 o’ clock noon on weekdays. Facebooks scheduling feature is nothing new but allows you to be consistent and fill up your feed with valuable information and updates on your business. Two super important things. On Wednesdays, we do a blog post here on our site that does two things for us. 1.) gives us more Facebook content thus creating more value and 2.) creates more content for our site which gives us more authority in the screen printing industry.

        Whichever social media platform you choose to focus on, the goal is to just be consistent and valuable. Post about your business, post about your weekend plans. Make your posts fun, ask questions, create informative posts, share videos etc. Not every post has to be related to screen printing, because sometimes you must think outside the box to get engagement. Speaking of which, the more engagement you get, the more often that post appears on someone’s feed which in turn gives you more authority which ultimately gives you lots of leverage when you decide to do a promotion, send a targeted message or run an ad.

        The world of social media is beautiful and terrifying all at the same time. A necessary evil, perhaps? Nonetheless, it’s an invaluable tool that used correctly can help grow your business exponentially, digitally and physically. We hope you were able to gain some insight and confidence to form your own social media strategy.

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