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Your Business on the Internet

Posted by Allen Wesson - webmaster on 9/16/2014

Even in 2014 it surprises me sometimes to hear from customers who not only do not have a website for their business, they have no web presence at all.  Here is why you should, and how you can.

In the 'old' days of 10-15 years ago, a business had to have a listing in the Yellow Pages.  If someone is opening the YP, then they are looking for a product or service, and yours better be there if you want a call.  If you sold a product, you could print a catalog or brochure, mail them out in bulk, and cry when most of then went immediately in the trash.  And it always seems like as soon as you printed, your phone number would change, a price would change, or a product became unavailable - you were stuck with that print until you printed the next 5000 copies.  

Gone.  Those days likely aren't coming back and the net is it.  So why aren't you there?  And if you are there, why aren't you selling?  Well, the simple answer (if this makes sense) is that it isn't simple, but it is more simple that you probably think (confused yet?).

If you run a screen printing business that caters to the public, then you need to be seen.  This means at the very least you need a website, and likely some sort of social media presence as well (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, insert your favorite here).  While Facebook has made it pretty simple for most anyone to have their name, address, and phone number available for all to see (not to mention pictures galore), most deem a true selling website to be the equivalent of decoding Egyptian hieroglyphics.  But it isn't, and there are man services out that that can help you get up and running, and selling your products quickly.  

Even if you are not selling finished products to your customers directly, you would still benefit greatly from having the capability of receiving custom orders from a website properly setup for your business.  A search on Google for commerce-based websites will yield a ton of matches for services that can accomplish this for your business, sometimes for as little as around $20 a month (you can grow from there).  

Occasionally we have classes here at Texsource on website design and marketing, geared of course for those in the screen printing industry.  I am always so pleased when I hear customer who were previously very confused say that they are now encouraged at how easy it is to get an advantage on their competitors by having a functioning website and web presence.  

The most important thing is to stay engaged with your area and with your customers - let them know what is going on.  Got a deal on yellow shirts that you need ot get rid of?  Run an online sale and they will fly out the door.  Your company name will stay in front of your customers and you will stay in their mind when they need a job done!

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