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Want to learn about Screen Printing?  Texsource gives you the best advice and instructions on the web.  Read our blog articles to stay on top of all the latest trends and technologies in the Screen Printing industry!

Proper Screen Drying Space & Insights

Posted by Caleb Morgan on 11/29/2018
In order to set up a proper space for drying screens, we first need to understand why we need a specific environment for screens in the first place. Read more...

Direct-to-Screen (DTS) Systems vs. Conventional Coating Part 2

Posted by Caleb Morgan on 11/15/2018
Yesterday we discussed the benefits of DTS systems, now let’s talk about the “standard” method of coating screens. Continue...

Direct-to-Screen (DTS) Systems vs. Conventional Coating Part 1

Posted by Caleb Morgan on 11/13/2018
Because it’s a special time of year, we’ve decided to put together a special two-part blog discussing a somewhat controversial or rather obscure topic in the screenprinting industry, DTS (Direct-to-screen) systems versus conventional screen coating methods.

Direct-To-Garment (DTG) Printing – Real World Advantages and Disadvantages

Posted by Allen Wesson on 11/1/2018

Many of you may have landed on this article because you are interested in Direct-To-Garment (DTG) printing. 
You may have heard how easy DTG is, how DTG is the future, and how you can make good money with a DTG printer. Those who have been involved in screen printing who read this may have heard...

Yes, Screen Printers Should Have A Social Media Presence, Too

Posted by Caleb Morgan on 10/24/2018
The importance of a strong social media presence for a business in todays world cannot be stressed enough. You’ve spent all this time and money building your business, getting new customers, streamlining your processes etc. Now it’s time to build and grow your social media presence.

Halloween Impression Ideas

Posted by Caleb Morgan on 10/16/2018
With Halloween right around the corner and fall in full swing (for the most part) it’s the season of pumpkins and trick-or-treat shirts. Here we’ve gathered a few shirts for inspiration along with a few HTV tips, so you can take advantage of the season.

2018 Open House Recap

Posted by Caleb Morgan on 10/11/2018
The 2018 Texsource Open House included door prizes and giveaways, free PMS pints, delicious BBQ provided by 238 Cherokee Grill of Kings Mountain, vendor demonstrations and several seminars from manufacturers. Read more....

Revisiting Water-Based Inks

Posted by Caleb Morgan on 9/27/2018
Matsui Color has built a reputation for itself in becoming an industry leader in water-based printing products. With the recent introduction of their ready-for-use water-based ink system, they have taken the guess work out of the equation and given printers a user-friendly and approachable solution for these often-portrayed-as difficult inks. More appealing to printers should be the affordability of the Infinity RFU system....