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Manual Vs. Automatic Press: Which One is Right for You?

Posted by Mary Yaeger on 2/21/2018
When expanding your screen printing shop the number one questions becomes should you buy a manual press or an automatic press? We put this article together to help you decide which one is right for your shop.

Union Plasticharge - Discharge Printing Without The Hassle

Posted by Allen Wesson on 2/5/2018

If you have been screen printing or even just investigating screen printing for any time at all you have doubtless crossed the term 'discharge printing'.  What does it mean?  What are the benefits and techniques?  Is there a simpler, easier way to achieve the same results?

Answering: The Pros and Cons of Free Shipping

Posted by Mary Yaeger on 1/17/2018

As your screen printing shop grows you may start to consider ways to beat out the competition. The biggest question you will probably ask yourself will be: “will free shipping help with sales”. Before you jump into the deep end, we’ve got a few tips we want to share along with the pros and cons of offering free shipping. 

Screen Drying Cabinets – What to Look for and Why

Posted by Mary Yaeger on 12/5/2017

Screen drying cabinets are the perfect tool to reduce down-time in the shop. With a drying cabinet, your screen dry-time is nearly cut in half – increasing your production ability. As it is with buying any piece of equipment for your shop, you have a few things to consider. 

What Ink Colors Should I Have On-Hand at all Times?

Posted by Mary Yaeger on 11/3/2017
If you are wanting to keep ink in stock, we have a few suggestions to get you started. We recommend that if you are going to stock ink that you try and be as versatile as possible with your selection. 

Protecting Your Image

Posted by Dustin Koch on 10/30/2017
One of the most common issues we have witnessed as a screen printing supplier in the industry is the process of burning images into screens. Creating a proper image is not a process that you should take lightly for it will greatly define the success and quality of your printing.

How to Prevent Ghost Images

Posted by Mary Yaeger on 10/6/2017
We are creeping up on October and there is nothing like a good ghost story to make your hair stand on end. The ghosts in our story aren’t souls of the dearly departed, but they will haunt you none-the-less.

How to Coat a Screen with Emulsion

Posted by Mary Yaeger on 9/18/2017

Coating a screen is also referred to as “making a stencil”. The process is done with emulsion which is a thick liquid that is sensitive to UV light. When you place artwork on the photo sensitive emulsion and expose it, a negative stencil is created.