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The Benefits of Blockout Products

Posted by Chelsea Chafin - webmaster on 10/26/2016

When it comes to your design, you want it to print exactly as you see it. Unfortunately, there are times when you will print out a new design on a fresh t-shirt and notice one, maybe more, pinholes in the image. This can be frustrating on many levels, and if you aren’t properly prepared beforehand, can really mess with your mojo.

How to Keep Your Screen in Tip-Top Shape

Posted by Chelsea Chafin - webmaster on 10/19/2016

Designs coming out oddly and you don’t know why? Many errors stem from emulsion issues. First and foremost, try to keep your screens clean in between printing jobs. How your screen reacts to the cleaning can determine what steps need to be taken to prevent future problems.

Determining the Perfect Mesh

Posted by Chelsea Chafin - webmaster on 10/14/2016

Have you finally completed your band by giving the fresh drummer a chance? Are you an event planner who wants your decorations to really stand out? Well then, you’ll want to discover the art of screen printing.