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Working With CMYK Black

Posted by Chelsea Chafin - webmaster on 11/30/2016

If you choose to stick with CMYK coloring when doing a multi-color project including black, your best option from there is to create a rich black. This is created by altering the CMY colors to create a darker mix. The most common combination for a rich black that does not represent any other color would be a 60-40-40-100 CMYK. 

Special Effects Printing

Posted by Chelsea Chafin - webmaster on 11/8/2016

Want to stand out to your consumers with unique products? Make them shine! Whether adding 3 dimensions, glitter, or even Crystalina, just a little bit of an extra touch can show the effort you put into a special design. 

How to Create a Basic Underbase

Posted by Chelsea Chafin - webmaster on 11/1/2016
If you print on a dark shirt without a white underbase, the final color will be dulled. The creation of an underbase is simple and will save you so much extra work and frustration in the long-haul.