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Proper Screen Drying Space & Insights

Posted by Caleb Morgan on 11/29/2018
In order to set up a proper space for drying screens, we first need to understand why we need a specific environment for screens in the first place. Read more...

Direct-to-Screen (DTS) Systems vs. Conventional Coating Part 2

Posted by Caleb Morgan on 11/15/2018
Yesterday we discussed the benefits of DTS systems, now let’s talk about the “standard” method of coating screens. Continue...

Direct-to-Screen (DTS) Systems vs. Conventional Coating Part 1

Posted by Caleb Morgan on 11/13/2018
Because it’s a special time of year, we’ve decided to put together a special two-part blog discussing a somewhat controversial or rather obscure topic in the screenprinting industry, DTS (Direct-to-screen) systems versus conventional screen coating methods.

Direct-To-Garment (DTG) Printing – Real World Advantages and Disadvantages

Posted by Allen Wesson on 11/1/2018

Many of you may have landed on this article because you are interested in Direct-To-Garment (DTG) printing. 
You may have heard how easy DTG is, how DTG is the future, and how you can make good money with a DTG printer. Those who have been involved in screen printing who read this may have heard...