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How do I Determine What Specialty Inks to Purchase?

Posted by Mary Yaeger on 12/28/2017
Specialty inks come into play when color alone isn’t enough for your customers. There are several types to choose from – dimensional inks, glitters, metallic, discharge. 

How to Sell on Social Media

Posted by Mary Yaeger on 12/15/2017

Selling on social media is an interesting topic. A few years ago, you could skate by with a simple e-commerce site, streamlined checkout process and paying a little extra for search engine optimization and online marketing. Today? You've got a few more things to consider. 

Screen Drying Cabinets – What to Look for and Why

Posted by Mary Yaeger on 12/5/2017

Screen drying cabinets are the perfect tool to reduce down-time in the shop. With a drying cabinet, your screen dry-time is nearly cut in half – increasing your production ability. As it is with buying any piece of equipment for your shop, you have a few things to consider.