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Is It Time To Upgrade Your Screen Printing Equipment?

Posted by Ronnie Cannon - Outside Sales on 2/29/2016

It isn't always as cut-and-dry as "my dryer just died" when deciding if an upgrade or replacement may be necessary.  Here are some tips to help you decide if an upgrade might be right for you.

Care of you Embroidery Equipment - Needles

Posted by Dawn Dellinger - Customer Service on 2/12/2016
Care of you Embroidery Equipment - Needles
Proper observation of your embroidery equipment with regards to your needles can save you from downtime and ensure that your machine runs smoothly and efficiently.  

What Screen Printing Press is Right For Me?

Posted by Josh Gilbert - Outside Sales on 2/11/2016

This is a question that we as sales reps get a lot here at Texsource.  It isn't necessarily an easy question to answer, but there are some factors that can help narrow your search down.

Workhorse Equipment Adds New Automatic Press

Posted by Doug Smith - Outside Sales on 2/8/2016

Workhorse Equipment has introduced the new Cutlass Automated Screen Printing Press that will replace the Javelin in their lineup of automatic presses.  Learn why you should consider an upgrade to automated printing.