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Ink Selection for Different Shirt Materials

Posted by Melissa Crawford on 2/23/2017

I have a shirt made out of Exotic Space Martian Silk - what is the best ink to use for this? 

While this isn't exactly a question we get every day here at Texsource, it does help illustrate the point that many people (especially those who may be new to the screen printing process) have questions about exactly which type of ink to use for a certain type of shirt material (or 'substrate').

The Mystery of the Missing Magenta Ink

Posted by Allen Wesson - webmaster on 2/3/2017
Screen printers know a lot about color - we deal with ink color all the time. Talk to some of the old timers who have been doing this for ages and they can come pretty close to telling you the Pantone color of most any ink they see; and if they aren't dead-on accurate they will likely be really close.