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Tips for Installing Your First Automatic Press

Posted by Mary Yaeger on 2/27/2018
You have put a lot of thought and money into buying your first automatic press, but purchasing is just the first step. 

Manual Vs. Automatic Press: Which One is Right for You?

Posted by Mary Yaeger on 2/21/2018
When expanding your screen printing shop the number one questions becomes should you buy a manual press or an automatic press? We put this article together to help you decide which one is right for your shop.

Union Plasticharge - Discharge Printing Without The Hassle

Posted by Allen Wesson on 2/5/2018

If you have been screen printing or even just investigating screen printing for any time at all you have doubtless crossed the term 'discharge printing'.  What does it mean?  What are the benefits and techniques?  Is there a simpler, easier way to achieve the same results?