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Want to learn about Screen Printing?  Texsource gives you the best advice and instructions on the web.  Read our blog articles to stay on top of all the latest trends and technologies in the Screen Printing industry!

Screen Printing Open House in Georgia a Success

Posted by Ryan Bolin - Outside Sales on 4/25/2016
Our Open House Event at our Georgia location last week was a big hit with both customers and vendors of screen printing products and equipment.  If you missed it because of scheduling or location, you can catch our NC Open House Event in September.

Upgrading Equipment in your Screen Printing Shop

Posted by Jason Cabaniss - Outside Sales on 4/19/2016
If you are still printing in your shop with your startup equipment, what do you upgrade first?  Here we offer help in choosing your new screen printing equipment so that you can maximize your shop capabilities.   

Introduction to Screen Printing Inks

Posted by Bubba Thomas - Outside Sales on 4/18/2016
If you are new to screen printing, one of the most overwhelming aspects that you may encounter is all the different types of screen printing inks and plastisols that are available from suppliers such as Texsource.  Here we break down some of the differences.

Screen Printing with Air-Dry Inks

Posted by Dawn Dellinger - Customer Service on 4/12/2016
Air dry screen printing inks are a whole category of specialty inks that work well on substrates and materials that standard plastisol, poly, and silicone inks do not have acceptable performance on.

Cost Effective Advantages of Screen Printing

Posted by Ronnie Cannon - Outside Sales on 4/7/2016
The digital revolution has forever changed the world of graphics. But that doesn’t mean that we should forget about our old friends. There was a time when screen printing was our best friend. And it still has a lot of uses.