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The Basics - What Is Screen Printing?

Posted by Bubba Thomas - Georgia Location Manager on 7/24/2013
Screen Printing is one of the most versatile print methods used today and this effective process can be used on a very broad range of mediums, making screening one of the most preferred print techniques.  Though most popularly used for T-shirt prints, screen printing services can also print on plastic, metal, glass, and paper.

How To Coat A Screen With Emulsion

Posted by Ronnie Cannon - Outside Sales on 7/7/2013

Screen Coating is also referred to as "making a stencil". This is done with an emulsion. Emulsion is a thick liquid that is sensitive to UV light. When it dries it forms a photographic type of film.

How To Properly Degrease A Screen

Posted by Dwayne Collins - Outside Sales on 7/1/2013
Degreasing screens is a very important part of the screen preperation process. It's important to degrease your screens prior to applying emulsion or film because new screens or re-stretched screens need to be free of grease, oil and dirt to avoid problems with the stencil quality.