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Want to learn about Screen Printing?  Texsource gives you the best advice and instructions on the web.  Read our blog articles to stay on top of all the latest trends and technologies in the Screen Printing industry!

Introduction to Water-Based and Discharge Screen Printing Class

Posted by Mary Yaeger on 8/31/2017

 Back by popular demand, Texsource Screen Printing Supply is offering an Introduction to Water-Based and Discharge Printing class featuring Matsui Ink on Dec. 1. 

Matsui and Texsource Announce Distribution Partnership

Posted by Mary Yaeger on 8/21/2017

Comparing Plastisol and Water Based Screen Printing Inks

Posted by Mary Yaeger on 8/15/2017
There are two main types of ink that get used for textile printing – plastisol and water based. While plastisol is more widely known and used, the desire for a more eco-friendly shop has brought water based screen printing into the spotlight. What you will find is that both types of inks have their incredible advantages, but they also have a few drawbacks.

Simple Steps For an Easy Screen Reclaim

Posted by Mary Yaeger on 8/9/2017

What is reclaiming? It is the process of removing a stencil from a screen to use the screen for another job. Most screens (under normal printing conditions) can be used for approximately 20 print jobs before it needs to be re-meshed. 

Tips for 4 Color Process Screen Printing

Posted by Mary Yaeger on 8/7/2017
If you are new to the industry or a veteran of 20+ years, you have heard of 4 color process printing. This style of printing is one of the many ways to achieve photo realistic prints. With only 4 colors, just about any image can be recreated on a garment. Hard to believe? Maybe not.

Screen Printing on Stretchy Garments

Posted by Mary Yaeger on 8/4/2017

With the popularity of athletic garments in today’s fashion trends, now more than ever, print shops are seeing stretchy substrates make their way through the door. Printing jobs like cheer uniforms, team jerseys or workout gear is on the rise.

Maintaining Your Screen Printing Press

Posted by Mary Yaeger on 8/3/2017
You can find a lot of tips online regarding screen printing, but something that seems to be a little bit of an anomaly is how to care for your screen printing press. Sometimes we get so excited about screen printing that we lose the care manual – or maybe we think that it doesn’t really need to be cleaned.