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Embroidery Lettering

Posted by Alexandra Perry - Webmaster on 9/27/2016

There are a few different fonts that can be used in embroidery lettering such as pre-digitized fonts, true-type fonts, key board fonts and digitized letters. A font is categorized as a complete set of characters that make up a specific typeface in a specific size. A font would include upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.

Tips On How To Solve Sublimation Issues

Posted by Alexandra Perry - Webmaster on 9/26/2016
Sublimation printing is a complex process; during the chemical process sublimation is the transition of the solid dye to a gas but it does not change into a liquid during the transition. The process is endothermic; the dye absorbs heat from the heat transfer machine, emits gas, and then dyes the polyester.

Increasing D2G Production

Posted by Alexandra Perry - Webmaster on 9/20/2016
D2 production is an abbreviation for direct-to-garment production. Some pros of D2 production are photo quality images, easy to operate, and an essential way to make profit. The negative aspect of D2 production is that it is not known for being able to produce a high-volume of printed t-shirts.

How To Make a Better Screen

Posted by Alexandra Perry - Webmaster on 9/12/2016
When it comes down to it the screen is one of the most important parts in the printing process. While looking at the sharpness of an image you will see that the quality of the positive influences how easy it is to reproduce an image, therefore, higher quality is better.

Texsource Open House 2016 - September 30

Posted by Ryan Bolin - Outside Sales on 9/5/2016

Texsource Inc. is hosting their annual Open House & Customer Appreciation Day September 30th from 9:30am -4pm at their corporate facility in Kings Mountain, NC.