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Revisiting Water-Based Inks

Posted by Caleb Morgan on 9/27/2018
Matsui Color has built a reputation for itself in becoming an industry leader in water-based printing products. With the recent introduction of their ready-for-use water-based ink system, they have taken the guess work out of the equation and given printers a user-friendly and approachable solution for these often-portrayed-as difficult inks. More appealing to printers should be the affordability of the Infinity RFU system....

Graphic Trends For 2019

Posted by Caleb Morgan on 9/21/2018

The emerging market of young people seeking to leave their mark on the world while looking their best will only continue to increase in the coming year. Let’s talk about some industry trends to watch for the remainder of 2018 on into 2019.

ICYMI: The Rundown on our T-shirt Design Contest

Posted by Caleb Morgan on 9/11/2018
As part of our open house hoopla, we’re going to be showcasing the talent of our incredible customers through a t-shirt design contest. There are challenges printers face every day in this industry, and we believe it’s important that their efforts be recognized.

Ink Difficulties Demystified

Posted by Caleb Morgan on 9/5/2018
There’s such a wide variety of inks on the market today. Coupled with the rapid advancement in technology, one would think their problems with ink are over. Unfortunately, there are still challenges to be dealt with. However, most of these problems are common and easily resolved. Let’s discuss the most commonly used inks, a few challenges you may face when using them and how to prevent them.